The Hundreds

2008 Footwear / The Johnson

/ Skor

Har dykt upp lite mer info om den omtalade skon från The Hundreds som nu bl.a. fått ett namn; "The Johnson".

“A clean, understated shoe that serves to emphasize the wearer’s overall appearance. And it has everything to do with my roster of kicks growing up in Cali. It’s really a concoction of all my favorite shoes that are representative of youth subcultures: Chucks, Winos, Doc Martens, Vans… I even tried to have the laces staggered like a pair of early Jordans do from an above-perspective. I think I managed to pull off a very sophisticated shoe that retains some character, but is ultra basic when it comes to lines and silhouette.” Säger Sneaker Freaker som fått känna på skon.

Releasedatum är någon gång de kommande veckorna, får hoppas att Caliroots lyckats komma över några par.

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Roger Åberg